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    40 Years of Driving Excitement: The BMW 3 Series

    Sometimes you just know when it's right.  Ever since the first member of the 3 series was unveiled at the 1975 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, car enthusiasts knew that BMW was on to something special.  Quickly becoming an international bestseller, this sporty and agile ride has captured the hearts of drivers all over the world.  Just take Chris Willet of Las Vegas, for example.  As a dedicated E30 (2nd generation) driver, he turned?

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    BMW X5 has room for the whole family

    What is a driver to do when they have both the need for speed and performance, but also the need for a larger vehicle with room for the whole family? Well, more often than not, that type of driver turns to the comprehensively excellent new BMW X5. See why, below.

    Isn't that funny? And the interior is not only spacious, but its tech-filled as well. Some highlights of this space include the advanced BMW…

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    BMW leaves us with nothing to complain about

    You've heard it all before: "Back in my day I had to walk 10 miles in the snow...uphill...with no shoes...both ways...just to get to school." Complaining is a pointless pursuit around elders. Now with BMW ConnectedDrive, communicating first world discontent is even harder;  this time the only thing we are left complaining about is having too many playlists to choose from.

    For  BMW engineers,  providing you with high-tech offerings is…

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    The 2015 BMW X5 is a Legend of the Lineup

    The BMW X5 was first introduced nearly two decades ago, way back in 1999.  Since then, other models have come and went, while this stalwart SUV stayed pat.  And we here at Prestige Automobiles think that's a pretty good indicator of the X5's excellence.  Check out the current model in the clip below:

    Within the X5 range, there are myriad powertrain options.  One could go with the entry-level model, which features a turbocharged?

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    BMW M5 is a Beautiful Example of Premium performance

    While every model within our BMW lineup is capable of providing absolutely white-knuckle thrills, there's just something special about the M5; a super-high-performing sedan model. And don?t just take our word for it; see it in exhilarating action below.

    And as cohesive, and stylish as that exterior is; the interior is equally well equipped. Advanced features like a BMW Heads-up display, iDrive Touch Controller, BMW night vision and selective beam headlight technology all…

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    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at the BMW Museum

    Here at Prestige Automobiles, we house a fine collection of new BMW models, but have you ever wondered where important models in BMW history go? None other than the BMW Museum in the automaker's Munich headquarters.

    In the video above, there is 25 minutes of inside footage of the museum, which has the first BMW models, many of their first great technology innovations, concept cars, and more. It is certainly worth the watch if…

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    Our Thoroughly-Thrilling Two-Door: 2015 BMW 228i

    Our beloved Bavarian brand's lineup is loaded with legends.  As such, it prompted us at Prestige Automobiles to wonder, "Is there still room within the ranks for newbie that's trying to make a name for itself?"  Then we received our answer, in the form of a most tenacious two-door, the 2015 BMW 228i.  Get a glimpse of this glorious greenhorn in the clip below:

    Outfitted with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, the 228i…

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    Get a Look Back at Two 1986 BMW Models

    Since tomorrow is the first day of the new year, we won't be here on the blog to post so we thought today we decided we'd bring Throwback Thursday just a bit early. Take a look at this old review for the 1986 BMW 325e and 1986 635CSi! It's a blast from the past and maybe some of you will get a bit of nostalgia to revel in before we move on…

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    A Sweeping Sensation: 2015 BMW 6-Series

    Here at Prestige Automobiles, we all have our favorites.  Some of us enjoy slick and speedy sports cars.  Others prefer the versatility offered by big and bossy utility vehicles.  While others still opt for efficient and eco-friendly EVs.  Nonetheless, there is one model within the lineup that we all feel is an indisputable triumph: the 2015 BMW 6-Series.  Have a look at this most handsome hauler in the video below:

    So, what exactly makes this…

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    Find Your Story

    BMW has released an inspiring series of videos that tells the story of some pretty amazing people. In a recent video, they highlight the life of an Egyptian man who overcame a lot to climb Mount Everest, and we have the video telling his story.

    Sometimes we take the gifts we have been given for granted when life gets busy, but during the holiday season we need to focus on helping others. While the man…

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