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    BMW Unleashes 1 Series Prototype on China


    A photo posted by BMW (@bmw) on

    For the past couple years, the smallest vehicle you could find in the BMW lineup was the two series. Soon, that's going to change with the advent of the next generation 1 Series. Speaking of which, the new compact entry was recently unveiled in concept form in China, and it looks pretty fly (as you can see in the image above).

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    AutoGuide.com Announces "10 Great Performance Engines We Will Miss" -- Including the BMW M3 V8

    With the release of AutoGuide.com's "10 Great Engines We Will Miss" article, we at Prestige Automobiles took some time to reminisce on the V8 engine in the E90 and E92 generations of the BMW M3 models. From 2008 to 2012, this exciting performance engine took home five "International Engine of the Year" awards. The most recent models contain a V6, but we'll always miss the 444 horsepower from the V8. Check out the link below to learn more!

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    BMW Releases the Mighty M4 GTS

    Ever since BMW unleased the M4, all of us here at Prestige Automobiles have been salivating over the idea of an even higher-performance version of the coupe. Now, BMW has satisfied us with the official reveal of the M4 GTS. Check out the video above from The Auto Channel to get a good look at the new coupe..

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    2016 BMW 3 Series: Three Decades of Luxury Thug Lyf

    The BMW 3 Series is on fire, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. The segment standard in the entry-level luxury sector for three decades, and twenty-two time resident of Car and Driver's 10 Best listing, it's no wonder this car is beloved by enthusiasts and the press alike. But can it retain its momentum in spite of newly emerging forces from the competition?

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    BMW Drives Fans to Twitter Page

    1.01 million followers: frankly, the number speaks for itself.



    It's no wonder BMW's Twitter account is a popular one. It offers access to the hottest BMW news, tons of beautiful BMW photos, and a community of BMW enthusiasts who simply understand each other. Plus, followers (and non-followers) can post about their own noteworthy #BMW moments and use brand-related #hashtags to get noticed. Give BMW a follow…

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    The blast from the past that foretold the future

    In our last blog post we mentioned the old-fashioned models of yesteryear, and with the exciting BMW i3 offering up to 111 mpg highway, we thought it would be neat to do another flashback with BMW. The first electric vehicle from the brand was actually the BMW 1602e in 1972, and it was meant to have a big impact on the future, which it did.

    BMW was able to use the 1602e to jump off into the world of electric cars and we think that helped them get a better handle on making the i3 much sooner. To test drive…

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    TBT: The 1939 327/28

    In keeping with social media tradition, we're bringing you a sleek blast from the past. Today's Throwback Thursday post is brought to us courtesy of Twitter and @BMW. Have a look at BMW's touring coupe from 1939, the 327/28. Turning heads since... forever. The #BMW 327/28 Coupé was built in 1939. #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/Kg2DZi3nES — BMW (@BMW) August 6, 2015 BMW has long been known for providing the ultimate driving machines, in ultimate style. And, as you can see, this tradition
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    No need to visit Morocco for a great car

    We know that our Dededo customers enjoy driving BMW models because of their ability to provide a reliable and enjoyable driving experience, and in a recent blog post we discussed how the 3 Series was a great choice since it has been providing 40 years of driving excitement, but what about the 2015 BMW M3? The M3 is being heavily featured in the new Mission: Impossible film, Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation, and offers 425 horsepower, 406 pound-feet of torque, a 3.0-liter engine, and it also gets to a top speed of 156 miles per hour, so you can…

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    40 Years of Driving Excitement: The BMW 3 Series

    Sometimes you just know when it's right.  Ever since the first member of the 3 series was unveiled at the 1975 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, car enthusiasts knew that BMW was on to something special.  Quickly becoming an international bestseller, this sporty and agile ride has captured the hearts of drivers all over the world.  Just take Chris Willet of Las Vegas, for example.  As a dedicated E30 (2nd generation) driver, he turned…

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    BMW X5 has room for the whole family

    What is a driver to do when they have both the need for speed and performance, but also the need for a larger vehicle with room for the whole family? Well, more often than not, that type of driver turns to the comprehensively excellent new BMW X5. See why, below.

    Isn't that funny? And the interior is not only spacious, but its tech-filled as well. Some highlights of this space include the advanced BMW…

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